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This functionality is available as a paid add-on for your MyClient service, and requires Ahsay v6 (v7+ is incompatible).

Any experienced Ahsay partner will understand the importance of keeping client software up-to-date - and the hassle involved when you have several reseller-branded clients that all need to be upgraded, tested, and redownloaded.

MyClient have developed the Autoclient system which allows you to use only a single Ahsay installer - using default branding or deliberately customised to appear generic - and automatically replace the branding with your reseller's design. This allows you to very easily produce branded clients and keep client software installers up to date.

The Autoclient system generates installers instantly on-demand, based on up-to-date client software and your customised branding profiles.

The Autoclient system requires you to use OEM-licenses for customer accounts. Unbrandable Business-license accounts are not made brandable by this method.


Rebrand an existing installation

The Autoclient system allows you to rebrand an existing AhsayOBM or AhsayACB installation. By configuring this as a post-command, you can apply a complete AUA upgrade to all customers regardless of reseller, and then automatically rebrand the installation to match the reseller's own style.

Automatic branding

On Windows, a branded installer is automatically generated at the time of download; the installer silently installs an AhsayOBM/AhsayACB client with generic branding, and rebrands the software post-installation.

On Mac OS X, a branded installer is automatically generated at the time of download; the installer retrieves an AhsayOBM/AhsayACB client with generic branding, disassembles and repackages the installer to replace the branding, and then runs it in the foreground.

Software installers are always up-to-date

The Autoclient system produces web-based installers that refer to your up-to-date base software installers, meaning a single downloaded installer will always be up-to-date when it is used.

One-click installers automatically log in as client

The Autoclient system optionally allows one-click installers, by embedding a time-limited token into the installer itself that is used to automatically sign in to the client software upon installation. This allowing absolutely seamless software installation and provides a point of difference to your competitors.

Configuring Autoclients

Autoclients allow for a lot of flexibility - but configuring them does not have to be complex. MyClient can automatically build branding profiles based on existing reseller details and reseller image logos from your MyClient installation.

To configure a base unbranded installation to use for autoclients:

  • Visit the Autoclients configuration page and click "Settings"
  • Click "Add new base-installer profile" and enter a descriptive name (e.g. "generic")
  • Fill in the URL details for your software installers

To create a branded software client for your reseller:

  • Visit the Autoclients configuration page and click "Create new"
  • Enter a name for the profile
  • On the Wizard tab, select a reseller and click "Create"

    All AutoClient properties will be filled in automatically. If you like, you can modify specific details here or include additional files to be replaced; or you can return to the 'Wizard' tab to regenerate the AutoClient profile based on any updated reseller information.

To test the appearance of Autoclient branding:

  • Install any AhsayOBM/AhsayACB client on your own computer or in a test environment
  • Click the "Rebrand existing install" link on the Autoclients page
  • Run the generated file and wait a few seconds for the process to complete

To configure Autoclients to be used for the reseller as download links in MyClient:

  • On the Manage Download URLs page, click "Add download URL"
  • For the "Download URL" option, select Autoclient and select your Autoclient profile
  • Set the "Restrict to reseller" option

    When the reseller chooses to download software, they will be provided with automatically branded software.

    When the reseller chooses to download software for a specific customer, a time-restricted token will be used to embed software credentials directly into the generated installer software.

Getting Started

  1. On the Manage System Users page, find a reseller, and make sure they have their contact details set correctly AND at least one custom image uploaded
    • MyClient will use this image to build a branded client
  2. On the System Settings page, click the ‘Autoclients’ button
  3. Click the 'settings' link in the lower right corner
    • You will need to add in the URL to a "base installer" for AhsayOBM/AhsayACB
    • This product will be installed silently, and then rebranded immediately after installation
    • If you have access to the Ahsay Customisation Portal, it's best to use a generic-seeming "base installer"
  4. Click the 'add new' link in the top right corner to create a new Autoclient profile
  5. On the Wizard tab, select your reseller and click 'create'
  6. The Wizard will automatically build out all the necessary images, properties, and so forth, required to rebrand the software. You can manually adjust the generated settings on the "Settings" tab, but this shouldn’t normally be necessary
  7. Close the dialog – you now have the option to download "Rebrand existing install" and "Full online installer" programs for this profile
  8. Download and run the “Rebrand existing install” program to rebrand the version of AhsayOBM that is running your own computer. The program might take one or two minutes to complete. This allows you to see the impact of a branded client.
  9. The “Full online installer” downloads the "base installer" configured above; installs it silently; and then applies the rebranding over the top.
    • The process for OS X is slightly different – the "base installer" is downloaded, extracted, modified, repackaged, and then executed.
  10. On the System Settings page > Manage Download URLs, you can configure an Autoclient profile to be the default download for a reseller. If you do this, then when downloading the software for a client, the client’s username and password will be pre-filled to automatically generate a config.sys file. This means that there is only one single click needed, from downloading the software through to running backups.

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