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Infrequently Asked Questions


This page contains a range of assorted technical support questions and their responses, which may be useful for other MyClient licensees.

How do i ensure that no email notifications are sent by MyClient?

MyClient has a number of email reporting features, however all email reports are disabled by default. If you are interested in sending email reports, it's important to configure the branding of them first, to avoid confusing your customers and resellers.

The emails that MyClient sends to your staff and resellers can be configured from the Management menu > Manage System Users;

  • Use the left-hand arrow to unfold operator selection
  • Select an operator
  • Ensure the "Daily watchlist", "Daily Event Log", "Daily All customers", "Daily ticket summary" options are disabled

The emails that MyClient sends to customers:

  • Email reports to customers can be configured per-customer, by the Person tab of a customer's dialog.
  • By default, all customers are set to "System Default" report frequency.
  • The System Default frequency can be set via the Management menu > System Settings > Manage System Behaviour > Customer Notifications tab > "System Default value for 'Send daily backup reports to customer'" option
    • The System Default frequency is currently set to "Disabled" for all new MyClient installations.
    • As a result, no email reports will be sent to your customers, unless you override this setting for a customer or change the system default value.
  • If you configure resellers within MyClient, you may also block groups of resellers from allowing email reports to customers.
  • You may preview the email that would be received, by using the "reports: preview" link on the right-hand side of a customer detail page.

I used to be able to resync all servers from the System Maintenance page, what happened?

This feature is still available but was moved to improve consistency of the system.

You can refresh users by using the Manage Servers page:

  • Click to highlight rows, or use "select > all on page" from the menu bar
  • Click the "resync" button and select "Fast (users only)" The old system did not allow for syncing only a single server.

I used to be able to reassign customers to resellers from a single page, what happened?

This feature is still available but was moved to improve consistency of the system.

You can change the reseller for multiple customers by using the View Customers page:

  • Perform a search, or browse to find the customers you want
    • If you are changing newly added customers, maybe enable the 'added' column and click the column header to sort by 'added'
  • Click to highlight rows, or use "select > all on page" from the menu bar
  • Click the "edit" button and change the reseller for all selected rows at once The old system was very cumbersome with a large number of customers.

I have a single reseller with three distinct groups of customers, how can i separate them?

There are several methods to resolve this issue. One solution is to keep a single reseller login and simply use the search features on the View Customers page to search for customers in a particular group.

To make this simpler, these searches can be saved for this reseller, and even added as menu items for this reseller only. This can be done as follows:

  • Log in under the reseller's office (since searches are saved per-reseller office) using either an existing or new operator account
    • On the View Customers page, search WHERE server is {your choice of server}
    • Save the search with a descriptive name
    • Copy the URL (should be something like /crm.customer_list/?sid={1-4 digit number} )
  • Log out, and log back in under the primary office (necessary to modify the menu bar)
    • Open the Menu Items page (found via the Management menu > System Settings > Menu Items button)
    • Add a new menu item for the chosen reseller only

I deleted some backupsets, but it didn't free any quota. Why?

MyClient reports on the state of the AhsayOBS server. Deleting a backupset should immediately free usage for an account.

If the quota for an account does not match the total size of all backupsets, then you may consider

  • forcing a quick refresh, by using the 'refresh' image button in the top-right corner of a Customer Detail page; or
  • initiating a File Validation Check for this customer, via the link in the lower-right on a Customer Detail page.

How can i configure a Quota Pool for my reseller in MyClient?

We have a number of MyClient licensees who use a quota-pool model for their high-volume resellers - there are a few ways you can approach this in MyClient.

From their quota pool, the reseller themselves may or may not be selling a fixed storage limit to each customer. For example, say a reseller has a 1TB quota pool, and they have the freedom to split this into e.g. 2 x 500GB accounts or 4 x 250GB accounts or any combination thereof.

If the reseller themselves really are selling 2 x 500GB or 4 x 250GB fixed quota plans downlevel to their customers:

  • The best solution is to actually apply these quotas to the individual customers.
  • If you do not want to make this change and instead leave all account quotas at 1000GB, then you can use the Quota Threshold Alerts feature.
    • This allows you to set up alerts for the reseller when their 500GB-size customers reach 50% of 1000GB, and when their 250GB-size customers reach 25% of 1000GB.

But if the reseller themselves are not selling a fixed storage limit to each customer:

  • You can set up a quota pool using the "Soft Quota" feature from the Manage System Users page
    • This can work either by allocated quota or by actual data storage, compressed or uncompressed.
    • The reseller can see their total usage on the home page; you can see the total usage for all resellers on the Manage System Users page.
    • You can prevent the reseller from creating new accounts if they are exceeding their soft quota limit. But otherwise, there's no harmful effect, backups will not be prevented. You must manually communicate with the reseller if they are exceeding their arranged soft quota limit.

MyClient shows different account names than in AhsayOBS! Why?

If you want the names to remain the same, then enable the option on the Manage System Behaviour page > Data Binding tab > "Customer metadata sync method" > "Two-way sync". Then, any changes in MyClient or in AhsayOBS will be updated in the other (maybe wait a few minutes for background sync).

The reason this is not done by default is because in MyClient Enterprise, you can have CRM records where the customer has zero or multiple backup services. In this situation it doesn't make sense to link the backup account's alias with the MyClient customer name.

Someone deleted a backupset! How do i find out who?

MyClient does log a lot of actions done in the portal. It should be possible to find added and removed backupsets. You can access this log via the Management menu > System Maintenance > "View System Notifications" page, and use the search bar to find entries where "Type" is backupset-deleted.

You can also browse the AhsayOBS User Log from within MyClient by using the "System Logs" link on the right-hand side of a Customer Detail page. If you find the backupset deletion in this way, you can compare the originating IP address to those given on the Manage Servers page to determine whether or not MyClient was responsible for mediating the action.

What does the "Billing Agent" field do?

The "Billing Agent" field is solely used for tagging in exports. It has no functional purpose within the system and is not visible to any resellers.

Some of our partners have distinct separation between the company providing technical support, and the company through which the customer's contract is held / from whom the customer receives an invoice. MyClient licensees can use the Billing Agent field to determine whether a customer should be billed directly, by their reseller, or by a third company.

If you are not using MyClient for billing purposes, then you can set this field however you like. If in doubt, we recommend leaving it set identically to the 'reseller' setting.

How do i configure third-level sub-resellers?

It's possible to nest resellers as much as you like. There are a few settings you should check when setting this up:

  • Set the reseller for the sub-reseller
    • This is available on the Billing tab of a reseller's detail dialog
  • The parent reseller should be placed into a Permission Group which lets them manage their own subresellers. One way of approaching this is to add the relevant permissions to a cloned permission group.

    • Identify the parent reseller's current permission group
    • On the Permission Groups page, create a new permission group by cloning the existing permission group
    • On the 'Overview' pane, give the permission group a better name
    • On the 'Staff and Resellers' pane, enable any relevant options
    • Return to the Manage System Users page and assign the parent reseller into this newly enhanced permission group

    The parent reseller will then have the added ability to manage staff and resellers below them.

How do I brand the email reports for my resellers' customers?

You can easily customise the logo, return email address, header and footer used for a reseller's customers' daily email reports as well as for a reseller's watchlist/eventlog email reports.

You can customise these items on the Manage System Users page > {select reseller} > Branding pane (some items on this page you must select 'yes', then hit save for the additional input areas to appear). We then recommend using the "preview" link on the right-hand side of a reseller's customer's detail page in order to check your changes.