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AhsayRDR support


MyClient supports connecting to your AhsayRDR servers to enable specific additional functionality. You can connect an AhsayRDR server to MyClient from the Manage Servers page.

Please be aware that connecting MyClient to an AhsayRDR server is not a substitute for connecting it to your AhsayOBS servers, and doing so will not automatically sync account and backupset data. A future update to MyClient will make it possible to retrieve AhsayOBS details directly from your AhsayRDR server.


By connecting MyClient to an AhsayRDR server, you enable the following additional features:

  • Presence Check
  • Accounts not currently checking in
  • RDR Health Monitor
  • Use RDR URLs in Autoclient-generated software instead of direct AhsayOBS URL
  • One-click login
  • Centralise view of software version numbers

This list was last updated on 2014-12-04. If significant time has passed since then, please contact us for an updated list.