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Beautiful, Smarter Reporting

Reporting MyClient incorporates dozens of standard and fully customizable reports, both for internal and customer-facing functions.

MyClient can replace the default backup success reporting of your backup software, and email them to your customers automatically. Our reports are clean and concise, and they can consolidate information from different backup-sets, different backup products and multiple schedules.

Backup reports are fully customisable in their appearance, and can be easily configured so that each of your resellers can have fully branded backup reports going out to their customers.

Seamless Server Management

Server management
Server management Whether you use one backup software or several, or you have one backup server or dozens, you need to be able to manage them efficiently, and ensure that they perform faultlessly.

MyClient can connect to an unlimited number of backup servers (some of our customers have hundreds!), and monitor their performance, alerting you when there is a problem.

Connecting new backup servers is simple, and once connected, MyClient can track individual backup-sets as well as deploy new accounts.

Empower Your Resellers

Reseller customisation
Reseller customisation Given the right tools, Resellers can accelerate your business in exciting ways. MyClient gives Resellers the freedom to manage their own customer base, deploy and monitor new accounts and support their own customers.

You can provide your Resellers with a fully branded portal of their own, so that they can build their own backup business within yours. Their portal can even exist on its own custom, SSL secured URL.

You can create custom plans, subscriptions, products and branding that exactly match the requirements of your individual Resellers.

Visualise Business Performance

Statistics One of the most common pain points for backup businesses, is the inability to monitor the performance of their own systems. Whether it’s individual staff productivity, SLA response times, server up-time, backup success/failure rates or many other metrics, you want to know if you’re hitting the mark.

MyClient gives you a birds-eye view of key performance indicators that you get to choose, and display in a way that works for you. MyClient has fully customisable dashboards that put in the driver’s seat so you can make immediate and informed decisions about your business.

Automate and Streamline Backup Monitoring

Monitoring The weakness of many backup products is that they tend to have a micro-view of backup monitoring. They have the right information, but you have to go looking for it, and it tends to be disjointed and time-consuming for technicians to filter through to find the problems that are worthy of their attention.

MyClient takes you to the macro level and does much of that thinking for you. MyClient can organise this information for you into Event Logs to make it quicker and easier to read, and you can prioritize it much more easily. MyClient can also take action for you—for example it can automatically increase a quota level when it is exceed, and it can notify you of the action by email.

We Don't Cut Corners With Your Security

Two-factor authentication
Two-factor authentication People who operate backup businesses understand security, after all, it’s your business to protect data.

We offer IP restricted, SSL secured, 2-factor authenticated login restriction for all users. In fact, we offer more advanced and more diverse login and security mechanisms than any of the backup products themselves. Every MyClient instance has its own separate database—no shared data layers here. All systems are dual redundant and backed up offsite.

That’s why hundreds of backup businesses already trust MyClient to support the highest standards of security in their business.

Everybody Benefits

Technicians love immediate and efficient visual backup reporting, which saves them many hours of log analysis and troubleshooting.

Customers can relax knowing that their data is in good hands. Automated reporting keeps them informed, and the Customer Portal keeps them in control.

Resellers are delighted by the self management systems giving them the power and confidence to grow their own business with greater efficiency.

You can enjoy the value that MyClient adds to your business, allowing you time to focus your mind on business growth, rather than business administration.

Personalized, Just for You

MyClient for Enterprise is 100% brand-able and customizable. You can brand it entirely to suit your business. We don't even include a "powered by MyClient" footer. It's totally yours.

Choose from a range of templates that are easy to configure and add your logo and personalized messages for your customers and resellers.

Non parlo inglese? MyClient is available in 9 languages, and we are constantly improving translation and language support. If your language is currently unsupported, we can work with you to add your specific translation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MyClient?

MyClient is a cloud-based management portal that includes a wide range of tools to make it easier to manage your backup customers. The feature list is always changing, but the main focus has always been around monitoring and management. The tools are primarily designed to make it significantly easier for you to monitor and fix errors with your customers backups. MyClient also provides a range of features related to customer life-cycle management. MyClient supports monitoring for Ahsay™ OBS, StorageCraft® ShadowProtect®, Dell™ AppAssure™, Asigra™, Intel HyperV, Vembu Storegrid.

Does MyClient replace all the features of OBS?

MyClient is designed to complement to your OBS server and provides an enhancement to the features already available. In most cases, MyClient provides an integrated and easy-to-use replacement interface for OBS features. In some cases, we have chosen not to incorporate features into MyClient that are already in OBS. However, MyClient adds many of the reporting and customer management features that work hand-in-hand with your OBS server.

How much does it cost?

MyClient offers a range of pricing plans to suit any sized business. Your first 30 days are free: towards the end of this period, an invoice will be automatically generated for the following 30 days. MyClient accepts payment via PayPal and also Credit Card subscription.

Where is my installation hosted?

MyClient currently provides geolocated hosting in your choice of Los Angeles, USA, or London, UK. We can also provide your own isolated MyClient instance on your own private VPS for maximum security and performance, often located in the same city as you - please see our 'Dedicated' plan for more information.
The servers are maintained and backed up in New Zealand.

Is there a billing module?

Yes, a billing module is available in our Enterprise plan, alongside a CRM system and many other features.

What languages are supported?

At the moment, MyClient is available in English, German, Spanish, French, Hebrew, Italian, Norwegian, Dutch, Portuguese. We are always happy to work with licensees to expand our language support - please contact us if you have a specific requirement.

Can I host it myself?

MyClient is a cloud-based SaaS (software as a service) system - this means no worrying about maintenance, upgrades or installation.

Can I use my own domain name?

Yes, we offer custom domains with SSL. Please lodge a ticket or contact support regarding your options.

I have another question.

If you have a bug report or feature request, please contact us via our website, our support portal, or email and we will be happy to assist you in resolving any issues.