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Automatic Trial Conversion (Ahsay v6 and below only)


Under certain configuration conditions, AhsayOBS allows you to permanently maintain small backup accounts (5GB or less) in Trial mode without any other limitations. If you are not using AhsayOBS Trial accounts for any other purposes, MyClient can take over managing whether an account is Trial or Paid, in order to save on licensing costs.

Use of the Automatic Trial Conversion feature is not advised if you use Trial accounts as part of your ordinary business processes, as MyClient repurposes the Trial feature and takes control over trial assignment.

Once Automatic Trial Conversion is configured, you can freely change backup account quota to below or above 5GB, and the backup account will be automatically converted between Trial and Paid in order to save on licensing costs. MyClient then hides the true trial/paid status.

Due to changes in the way that trials are handled in Ahsay v7, this feature does not support v7.0.0+.

Configuring your AhsayOBS server to support Automatic Trial conversion

AhsayOBS must be configured to support Automatic Trial conversion. The default settings for Trial accounts are infeasible and could allow legitimate backup accounts to be disabled or suspended.

Log in to your AhsayOBS server. On the Manage System > Server Configuration page, make sure the following options are configured;

  • Ensure that Backup Quota is set to at least 5 GB
  • Ensure that Quota will be reset to as high as possible (currently 5 GB) after any number of days
  • Ensure that 'Remove User' is disabled

Configuring MyClient to support Automatic Trial conversion

In MyClient, on the Manage System Behaviour page, on the Backup Accounts tab:

  • Set 'Quota threshold to automatically create trial accounts' to the maximum 5 GB limit, or whatever the limit was set to above
  • Set 'Apply auto-trials rule in background to all accounts' option to either setting
    • If you have existing accounts that you wish to automatically convert to trial accounts, use the 'Always enforce' option

If MyClient detects that AhsayOBS is incorrectly configured for Automatic Trial conversion, MyClient will disable the Automatic Trial Conversion feature in order to avoid accidentally suspending or disabling legitimate backup accounts.

Alternatives to Automatic Trial conversion

If it is not acceptable for MyClient to take over the trial feature, then leave MyClient's "Quota threshold to automatically create trial accounts" setting at zero, to disable Automatic Trial Conversion. Then, you can work with trial accounts normally within MyClient:

  • This allows you to switch accounts between Trial and Paid on the manage backup account dialog
  • This allows you to create new backup account plans configured as either Trial or Paid in the New Account Plans configuration
  • This allows you to search and filter on Trial or Paid accounts
  • This allows you to view Trial/Paid status on a customer detail page
  • etc...