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Bannersync (Automatic AdGroup Management)


If you have a large number of reseller customers across several servers, you will appreciate the hassle of managing large numbers of AdGroups with AhsayOBS. MyClient can dramatically simplify the co-branding process by automatically creating, managing, and assigning AdGroups for all resellers across all backup servers.

MyClient can automatically create identical AdGroups for each reseller across all your backup servers, with their up-to-date contact information and logo.

Configure banner for a reseller

The generated AdGroup can be customised from the Manage System Users page. The default image configuration is "Use email logo, or fallback"; this means that if the reseller has a custom email banner logo, it will be resized and converted to an AdGroup banner; otherwise if no email banner logo is present, a system-wide or brandset-wide fallback image will be used. This fallback image can be customised from the System Branding page.

To configure the image used for a reseller:

  • Select the reseller on the Manage System Users page
  • On the Branding pane, set "Create AdGroup using image" to "Custom image"
  • Save the dialog window, and then upload a custom banner image

To disable AdGroups for a reseller:

  • On the Branding pane, change "Create AdGroup using image" to "Do not create"
  • Change "Default AdGroup for new customers" to "(None)"
  • Save the dialog window

Apply changes to the backup server

Any changes to the reseller's contact details or to their configured AdGroup image settings necessitate updating AdGroups on the backup server and refreshing AdGroup settings for reseller customers. AdGroup synchronisation is incremental; although it may take some time for the first batch of AdGroups to be created, successive updates should take only a very small amount of time depending on the number of changes since.

To apply changes immediately:

  • Visit the System Maintenance page
  • Click the "Create all custom AdGroups on servers" link
  • Once completed, click the "Reassign all customers to Adgroups" link

To have changes automatically applied:

  • Visit the Manage System Behaviour page > "Data Binding" pane
  • Enable the "Automatically reassign customer's AdGroup when reseller changed" option
  • Enable the "Automatically create and reassign AdGroups for all customers" option

To apply changes immediately to only a subset of customers:

  • On the System Maintenance page, click the "Create all custom AdGroups on servers" link
  • On the View Customers page, search and find the customers you wish to refresh
  • From the top bar, choose 'select all'; then choose 'edit'; then use the Set AdGroup option to refresh the AdGroup to the per-reseller default


Some additional Bannersync settings can be configured from the Manage System behaviour page > "Data Binding" pane > "Automatic AdGroup Management" section.

MyClient simulates a web login to your AhsayOBS server during this process. As a result, this process is incompatible with URL Rewriting unless you also specify AhsayOBS credentials in MyClient. If you encounter any unexpected errors during the sync process, you can blacklist creating these AdGroups on a single server by disabling the "Allow syncing AdGroup banners to this server" option from the Manage Servers page.

In any case if the image to use is not the exact correct size for a fixed-size AdGroup image, the uploaded image will be resized against a white background.

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