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Accounting features in MyClient Enterprise


MyClient Enterprise introduces a significant number of new features above other plans. As well as dashboards, leads management, and advanced customisation and management features among others, MyClient Enterprise also includes some accounting features.

However, MyClient is not a billing system. There are a large number of different payment rules in different countries, and significant effort would be required to support a range of payment gateways and tax rules. Moreover, every company has subtly different business practices regarding billing that we feel it is best to leave billing support to a dedicated solution. We have also found that MyClient is often used by established companies who already have billing processes in place.

MyClient Enterprise does include a number of accounting features aimed at tracking customer billing in line with service received. However, this support does not extend as far as tracking customer payments.

Accounting Features available in MyClient Enterprise

The following billing-related features are available to MyClient Enterprise installations:

Track and export

MyClient allows you to set billing information for your customers, so that you may track billing details in line with services received. You may export billing information by using any custom search from the View Accounts page.

Depending on your own business arrangement, customers might be billed directly or via their reseller. MyClient uses the Billing Agent field to determine who is responsible for paying the account; if the Billing Agent is the primary office, then the customer is directly responsible. You can make bulk updates to the Billing Agent field by using the View Customers page.

CRM and Service model

Conceptually, a customer CRM record in MyClient can have a number of attached services; from OBM/ACB backup accounts, to general billing accounts, to a MyClient reseller account, as well as other products and services.

MyClient allows creating general customers which do not have an attached backup account. These customers may have other products or services attached to them and can appear in billing exports. This allows you to account for non-backup service charges against your customers or resellers.

Likewise, from a billing perspective, a MyClient Reseller is simply a CRM record with an attached MyClient Reseller service. This allows you to add billing items directly against the reseller (e.g. bulk storage charge; minimum customer pricing).


MyClient allows specifying a Billing Alerts contact, to receive email notification of any billing change. Billing changes also trigger an event source, which can be configured using the Manage Event Handlers page to perform any action of your choice - such as tagging the customer for later search, modifying other properties of the account, creating a note or ticket for service, or sending an external alert or SMS.

Price Plans

MyClient allows you to define a price formula, and apply the formula to a new account plan template. When new customers sign up on a specific plan template, the price plan formula will be applied to their billing settings.

Price formulas can be specified in common math syntax, as well as supporting Excel-style formulas such as IF, AND, OR, MIN, MAX etc. The price formula system provides macros for the customer's quota, modules, and other properties, as well as an intuitive, easy-to-use live editor which displays simulated price changes in real time as you type.

You may create Price Plans on the Manage Price Plans page; and assign them to new account plans on the New Account Plans page.

Experimental Account Feature Add-ons

The following billing-related features are available as optional extras to your MyClient Enterprise installation:

  • Support for creating invoices
    • This experimental feature includes support for search, export, email, automation, and custom management
    • Invoices can be PDF or HTML format
  • Support for prompting for payment details during account signup, including credit card information
    • MyClient is not a payment processor and does not store credit card information. Any sensitive information is securely encrypted using asymmetric PGP and emailed to a billing contact.
  • Dedicated import/export templates for integration with the Xero accounting platform