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MyClient has been in use and in development since 2008. This page contains a weekly summary of changes made to MyClient by the continuous integration systems, from the time leading up to the public beta programme.

Older history

Week ending 2017-07-07

  • (Custom development)
  • Enhancement: StorageCraft errors event handler can now be set to exclude hosted shuttles.
  • Enhancement: Quota bars now show a textual percentage.
  • Fix an issue where a users email could be set to empty.
  • Fix an issue where email reports were still sending for deleted accounts and accounts with no sources (Comet).

Week ending 2017-07-14

  • (Custom development)
  • Enhancement: Added support for negative percentages to 'Customer's total usage changed by percent' and 'Customer's data usage changed by percent' event handlers (Ahsay).
  • Fix issue causing 'Customer's data/total usage changed by percent' event handlers to fail in some situations (Ahsay).
  • Fix issue causing jobs to be assigned to historical records when usernames are recycled (Comet).
  • Fix issue archiving out-of-use data (Comet).
  • Fix issue causing bad redirect after erasing a user (Comet).
  • Fix issue causing new customers to be assigned to the primary office instead of reseller offices in rare cases (Comet).
  • Fix an issue causing sorts on some columns to function unexpectedly.
  • Cosmetic improvements to table rendering.

Week ending 2017-07-21

  • (Custom development)
  • Enhancement: All new and improved setup wizard.
  • Enhancement: New welcome screen.
  • Enhancement: New default MyClient branding images.
  • Enhancement: New installations now default to Graphite theme and multi-modern report style.
  • Enhancement: Visual improvements to Add Server dialog.
  • Enhancement: Visual improvements to Plan editor.
  • Enhancement: Visual improvements to Plan selection page.
  • Enhancement: Visual improvements to the Permissions editor.
  • Enhancement: Visual improvements to vertical tab settings sections and pages titles on Graphite theme.
  • Enhancement: Visual improvements to error pages.
  • Enhancement: New event handler folder icons.
  • Enhancement: Added a module count column to the customer list (Ahsay).
  • Enhancement: Improved customer list usage column names and ordering (AppAssure, StorageCraft).
  • Enhancement: Improved monitoring priority link location (Asigra).
  • Fix issue where number of custom modules enabled could be misrepresented.
  • Fix issue with incorrect positioning of graph Y-Axis labels.
  • Fix issue where tab bar would show in dialogs when no tabs were present.
  • Fix issue where certain site images would not be cached correctly.