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MyClient has been in use and in development since 2008. This page contains a weekly summary of changes made to MyClient by the continuous integration systems, from the time leading up to the public beta programme.

Older history

Week ending 2016-12-02

  • Enhancement: Cosmetic improvements for selected table rows in new Graphite theme
  • Enhancement: Add last success time column to backupsets page (Asigra)
  • Enhancement: Add last success time filter to backupsets page (Asigra)
  • Enhancement: Allow majority of backupsets page columns to be disabled (Asigra)
  • Enhancement: MyClient API export results will now load the column selections of the saved search used in the API call
  • Enhancement: Replace comma separators with bar separators for Ahsay license stats columns on the Manage Servers page to facilitate easier API result parsing
  • Enhancement: More intelligent URL handling for the Software Download URLs editor
  • Enhancement: Add separate backupset note restriction to complement existing note display restriction setting in System Behaviour
  • Enhancement: Add 'Office has operators' column to operators export on the Manage System Users page
  • Fix an issue causing disabled modules to display incorrectly in the price plans editor
  • Fix an issue with 'set billing rate' event handler not updating subscription value immediately
  • Fix an issue with very long commands failing to save in 'Run command..' event handlers
  • Fix an issue with Mac Autoclients downloading Windows .exe in certain conditions
  • Fix a cosmetic issues affecting Internet Explorer users
  • Fix a cosmetic causing backup account configuration options to overflow borders for some non-English interface languages
  • Removed beta billing comma decimal separator feature
  • Fix an issue causing Ahsay account graph data to display incorrectly under limited conditions for large values
  • Fix an issue with Ahsay account aliases not applying

Week ending 2016-12-09

  • (Custom development)
  • Feature: Per-reseller installation summary text templates
  • Enhancement: Cosmetic improvements to some graphs and information areas on customer details pages
  • Enhancement: Improved reliability of report parsing
  • Fix a layout issue on customer details pages
  • Fix a cosmetic issue affecting the display of remote commands

Week ending 2016-12-16

  • (Custom development)
  • Feature: Add event handler actions to trigger immediate rollback of temporary quota and bandwidth changes (Ahsay)
  • Enhancement: Add a 'Bandwidth' column to the View Customers page (Ahsay)
  • Enhancement: Improved support for new status codes and log entries (Ahsay)
  • Enhancement: Add a system settings option to hide the restore button on customer details pages (Ahsay)
  • Enhancement: Local URLs added to templates in the raw html editor will no longer be adjusted to relative URLs
  • Fix an issue preventing very large bulk account deletions from the View Accounts page
  • Fix a cosmetic issue affecting the layout of pop-up dialogues
  • Fix a cosmetic issue affecting the display of mail preview headers
  • Fix an issue with the 'Customer has temporary quota change' filter on the View Customers page (Ahsay)
  • Fix an issue filtering by bandwidth from the View Customers page (Ahsay)
  • Fix an issue preventing display of event log items in some situations
  • Fix an issue preventing old profile.xml data from being pruned