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MyClient has been in use and in development since 2008. This page contains a weekly summary of changes made to MyClient by the continuous integration systems, from the time leading up to the public beta programme.

Older history

Week ending 2018-03-16

  • Feature: Event handler action to send a customer report using a given template (Ahsay).
  • Enhancement: Account deletions and backupset deletions are now permitted via separate permission options.
  • Enhancement: Protocol and port (non-standard ports) now visible for hosts on the Manage Servers page.
  • Enhancement: Macro for company names in installation summary agreements (Ahsay).
  • Enhancement: Additional customer details 'add service' option for adding new backup accounts under existing profiles (Comet).
  • Fix an issue causing oversized branding images in reports to capable of covering up report content.
  • Fix an issue preventing some users from editing monitoring priorities (Comet).
  • Fix an issue causing module quotas to display when parent module is hidden during signup (Ahsay v7).

Week ending 2018-03-23

  • Fix an issue causing incorrect version dependent module options to appear under certain circumstances (Ahsay).

Week ending 2018-03-30

  • Enhancement: Contacts management reimplemented to improve support for complex data and MyClient/server synchronicity (Ahsay v7).
  • Enhancement: Significant improvements to internal API request handling to address extremely large (multi-hundred MB) responses (Ahsay v7).
  • Fix an issue causing Asigra backupsets with filtered statuses to not calculate concurrent status values correctly.

Week ending 2018-04-06

  • Enhancement: Backupset file browser now supports browsing files for historical backupjobs (Ahsay v6).
  • Enhancement: Display current system time in local timezone in the internationalisation settings for reference and confirmation.
  • Fix an issue causing deleted backupsets to be re-processed as deleted when manual profile refreshes are initiated.
  • Improvements to page-load efficiency of the backupset file browser.

Week ending 2018-04-13

  • Enhancement: Add contextual information to quick-search results, and corresponding settings toggle to disable this functionality if not desired.
  • Enhancement: Expand navigation bar quick-search results to include more customers (Comet).
  • Enhancement: Add customer name columns to the customers page (Ahsay).
  • Enhancement: Add 'Date created' column for the View Accounts page.
  • Fix an issue with the event log default query (Asigra).
  • Fix an issue preventing generation of some UI elements in rare cases (Comet).
  • Fix an issue with missing customer names in submitted tickets when the ticket system is disabled and email fallback is used (Ahsay).
  • Fix an issue causing storage vault detail tooltips to fail to load on the protected items page (Comet).
  • Improvements to visual consistency for legacy themes.

Week ending 2018-04-20

  • Feature: Uncompressed quota usage bar (can be forced as only visible quota bar by restricting compressed usage visiblity in permission group) (Ahsay).
  • Enhancement: Restrict display of quick-search contextual data to situations in which matches are found for multiple record types.
  • Enhancement: Display alterations for quick-search results to allow more data to be visible and prevent truncation.
  • Enhancement: All columns on the jobs page can now be toggled (Comet).
  • Fix an issue causing the default timezone for a plan to not be automatically selected during signup (Ahsay).
  • Fix an issue causing some text to have the wrong color in some browsers.

Week ending 2018-04-27

  • No changes this week.