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MyClient has been in use and in development since 2008. This page contains a weekly summary of changes made to MyClient by the continuous integration systems, from the time leading up to the public beta programme.

Older history

Week ending 2019-03-08

  • Feature: New backupset editor (Ahsay v7+).
  • Feature: Browse and recover archived copies of prior backupset states (Ahsay v7+).
  • Enhancement: Internal efficiency improvements.
  • Enhancement: Reduced reliance on older APIs (Ahsay v7+).
  • Enhancement: Additional search filters for protected items (Comet).
  • Bug fix: Resolved some issues with the 'Backup now' action (Ahsay v7+).
  • Bug fix: Fixed missing reseller assignment options for sub-resellers with ownership of lower-level offices.
  • Bug fix: Improved consistency of permission applications.
  • Bug fix: Resolve issue causing backupsets for deleted accounts to be requested from the server under rare conditions, resulting in a large number of API errors being logged (Ahsay).
  • Bug fix: Prevent successive API calls being made for un-fetch-able users (Ahsay v7+).
  • Security improvements.
  • Visual improvements.

Week ending 2019-03-15

  • Feature: Backupset delete action restored (now located in the backupset actions area) (Ahsay v7+).
  • Enhancement: Reduced reliance on older APIs (most API errors being generated in the CBS log should now be resolved) (Ahsay v7+).
  • Enhancement: Improve consistency and efficiency for backupset statistics calculation (Ahsay v7+).
  • Enhancement: Additional context for some error messages to assist in the identification and reporting of issues.
  • Enhancement: Optimisations to improve page load efficiency for some pages.
  • Enhancement: Cosmetic improvements.
  • Enhancement: Interface tweaks to better communicate functionality for archived backupset state perusal/reversion (Ahsay v7+).
  • Bug fix: Resolved issues with search filters and columns relating to in file delta and delta merge on the backupsets page (Ahsay).
  • Bug fix: Resolved issues with search filter for scheduler status on the backupsets page (Ahsay v7+).
  • Bug fix: Resolved issues with the synchronisation of backupsets (Ahsay v7+).
  • Bug fix: Resolved a cosmetic issue with the status colour used when displaying consecutive status counts for backupsets (Ahsay).
  • Bug fix: Resolved an issue causing the legacy backupset editor to be displayed for backupsets in rare situations (Ahsay v7+).
  • Bug fix: Addressed additional issues experienced when attempting to remotely execute backup jobs (Ahsay v7+).

Week ending 2019-03-22

  • Enhancement: Logging tweaks to provide additional context for network-related communications issues (Comet).
  • Bug fix: Resolved several issues causing save actions to fail in the backupset editor (Ahsay v7+).
  • Bug fix: Address some instances of incorrectly worded settings (Ahsay).
  • Bug fix: Address some edge-cases preventing 'Backup now' requests from succeeding (Ahsay v7+).
  • Internal development.