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´╗┐Configuration File Decoder


MyClient Enterprise includes the Configuration File Decoder. This allows you to decrypt the config.sys and profile.sys files from customer machines in the event of an emergency.

The Configuration File Decoder can be found from the System Maintenance page.

Restoring profile from profile.sys

In the event of corrupted profiles on the AhsayOBS server, you may wish to rebuild a customer's profile.xml file from a profile.sys file. Simply upload the profile.sys file to the MyClient Configuration File Decoder, and check the "Apply necessary changes for profile.xml reconstruction" option.

Restoring Ahsay passwords from config.sys

The config.sys file contains customer passwords and backupset encryption keys, for use by the scheduler service. If a customer has forgotten their AhsayOBM or AhsayACB password but still has access to the config.sys file, you may decrypt it using the MyClient Configuration File Decoder.

For more information about config.sys files, see also Using Sethost to change backup server without reinstalling ┬╗