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Custom Domains

As part of fully branding your MyClient Small Business or MyClient Enterprise installation, we encourage licensees to use a custom domain or subdomain, to complete the integration with your business.

Option 1. Subdomain of existing domain, SSL Recommended

We can move your MyClient installation to a subdomain of your own website (e.g.

MyClient strongly advocates the use of SSL certificates to protect your MyClient installation. SSL security is available to all customers using our default URL system (*, but for a custom domain, some special handling is required.

As we are unable to purchase an SSL certificate for a domain not under our control, in order to use SSL with a domain you already own, you must take responsibility for supplying and maintaining the SSL certificate.

If you already own a wildcard certificate - for instance, in use with your AhsayOBS and company web servers - this would also be appropriate. Name-based SSL certificates are reasonably independent of web server software and architecture, and we can support converting between common formats.

For this service, there is a setup fee of $100 and an ongoing fee of $10/month.

To get started, please see the "Getting the SSL certificate into MyClient" section of our SSL certificate documentation ».

Option 2. MyClient Embedded template

For more information about this option, please see Embedding MyClient ».

Further Questions

If you have any questions about this process, require a custom solution, or wish to use this service with any other MyClient plan, feel free to contact us for additional information.

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