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´╗┐Email Deliverability


MyClient can send email reports on your behalf. MyClient normally has very good email deliverability, however at times you may find that your customers' email services are blocking receipt of email reports, or otherwise having email reports marked as spam.

This page lists a few suggestions to maintain high levels of email deliverability.

General list hygiene

It is important that you send email only when it is solicited and only to registered customers or resellers of your service. Regularly check the return address mailbox for any bounces or support requests. Email bounces should be dealt with promptly to prevent any further issues.

If an email is bouncing, the bounce message may provide further information on how to resolve the problem; depending on the particular bounce message, you may need to either

  • apply other suggestions in this document; or
  • contact the customer to ask them to modify their spam filter settings; or
  • contact the customer to ask for an updated email address.

Sample bounce messages include "mailbox is full", "host unknown", "message could not be delivered", or "mail appears to be unsolicited" error messages.

If a customer is using an email address at a custom domain (e.g. instead of or, then, you could check whether the custom domain has expired.

Custom SMTP server

MyClient supports using a custom SMTP server for all outgoing emails. If you run a mail server in your own organisation, this is an easy way to take control over your email deliverability. You can configure the outgoing SMTP server from the Manage System Behaviour page > Gateways pane > Outgoing email gateway.

Third-party commercial SMTP providers can be used to ensure reliable email deliverability.

SPF record

You can add your MyClient installation to your domain's SPF record. This indicates to recipients that MyClient is authorised to send email on behalf of your domain, helping increase deliverability. If you are adding an SPF record for the first time, make sure to also add appropriate SPF mechanisms for any other services that send mail on behalf of your domain, as well as appropriate SPF mechanisms for your primary email service.

We recommend using the ip4: and ip6: SPF mechanisms to allow MyClient SPF access your domain. If you are not using a custom SMTP server, then the outgoing IP addresses used by your MyClient installation can be found on the Manage Servers page.

Sending emails on behalf of other companies

MyClient allows setting custom From addresses for different reseller offices on the Manage System Users page. This can add unexpected complications to email deliverability. For instance,

  • If you are using a custom SMTP server, it might be restricted to sending emails on behalf of the parent company only.
  • The reseller's configured From address might be invalid (e.g. blocked by reseller's SPF record; or, misconfigured MX record; or, custom domain has expired). If the reseller's From address is invalid, the mail may go undelivered.
  • Bounce messages are configured to be sent to the configured From address. If the reseller's From address is invalid, the bounce message may not be received by anyone.