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Workaround for OBS 6 / Java 7 Web Restore Applet error

Java 7 update 51 and newer increased the default security settings for java applets that run in a web browser. As a result, the Web Restore applet bundled with AhsayOBS and older does not load on a modern version of Java. This prevents customers from restoring their data via the web interface.


The following workarounds are available:

1. Update to AhsayOBS or later

This issue is present in all versions of AhsayOBS up to and including The first unaffected version of AhsayOBS is (released on 2014-03-10, 55 days after the release of Java 7 update 51 on 2014-01-14).

2. Replace restore applet with MyClient signed version Recommended

We appreciate that modifying java applets is difficult and many of our licensees do not have codesigning certificates. As a result, MyClient is making available safe, signed versions of the AhsayOBS restore applet that you may install on your backup server. This solves the problem without introducing any security issues. We have made available signed restore applets for the following AhsayOBS server versions:

Download a replacement obrA.jar above; and then replace the obsr/webapps/obs/jsp/applet/obr/obrA.jar file on your AhsayOBS server.

If you are using a version of AhsayOBS not listed above and would like to use a signed version of the restore applet, please contact us.

UPDATE: As of 2015-11, download links are no longer available owing to changes in the Java security landscape and recent mandatory AhsayOBS 6.x software updates.

3. Manually modify and sign your own restore applet

Resigning the applet requires purchase of a codesigning certificate and undergoing business verification. For more information on modifying the restore applet, please see this forum thread.

4. Make modifications to the customer's computer Not Recommended

It is possible to work around this issue at the customer's site by either reducing the Java security settings, or by installing an old and insecure version of Java (any version of Java 6, or any version of Java 7 prior to update 51). These are not acceptable workarounds.