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LDAP (Active Directory) Support


Many MyClient partners use an LDAP server (such as Microsoft Active Directory) to manage staff accounts. By connecting MyClient to your LDAP server, your staff and resellers can log in to MyClient using their central domain credentials.


  • Domain administrators can centrally control access to MyClient
  • Password changes in the domain are immediately reflected in MyClient
  • New staff members in the domain can log into MyClient without any further effort
  • Supports Microsoft Active Directory, OpenLDAP, IBM Tivoli and any standards-compliant LDAPv3 implementation
  • Any LDAP clause can be connected to any MyClient reseller group

This feature complements AhsayOBS' own LDAP support for end-customer logins, allowing you to create a complete LDAP-based Ahsay infrastructure.


LDAP integration is available for any existing MyClient Enterprise subscriber at no additional cost. For more information about enabling this feature for your MyClient installation, please contact support.