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Mail Queue


Whenever MyClient sends an email, the mail gets placed into the Mail Queue, and then the mail is sent in the background by another process.

This has the advantage of allowing you to disable all outgoing mail until you are satisfied with the branding or content of any outgoing email.

By default, mail queue processing is disabled, as you may not have configured the branding for e.g. email footers.

Old emails are removed from the queue after a period of time has elapsed (normally 21 days) regardless of whether they have been sent or not.

What emails are covered by the Mail Queue?

Mail Queue processing is applied to most bulk emails and alert emails sent by MyClient, including but not limited to

  • consolidated daily backup reports to customers,
  • watchlist or event log summaries to your staff and resellers

The Mail Queue is bypassed for sensitive emails (such as password resets and transmitting one-time passwords) and for time-critical emails (such as server health alerts).

Toggling Mail Queue processing

You may enable or disable Mail Queue processing by clicking the button on the System Maintenance page, or by following the link from the "Mail: Browse History" page.

Before enabling Mail Queue processing for the first time, we recommend clearing any unsent mail from the queue, as this may contain unbranded or sample text and image templates that would be undesirable to send to your resellers and customers.

To clear the mail queue, click the "Delete: all" or "Delete: unsent" links on the top bar of the "Mail: Browse History" page.

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