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Moving accounts between AhsayOBS servers


Ensure that the account is removed from one server before adding it to the new server.


MyClient does not receive sufficient access to your AhsayOBS servers in order to migrate accounts on your behalf. You must manually migrate the accounts according to AhsayOBS documentation, and then the changes will be reflected in MyClient automatically upon its next background sync. No account details or history will be lost in the process.

To speed up the process of detecting a migrated account, you may manually initiate a sync operation via the Manage Servers page > {click rows to highlight all backup servers} > "resync" button in the top bar.

MyClient detects account migrations by matching usernames. However, as MyClient also supports duplicate usernames across backup servers, it is important to strictly adhere to the above procedure when moving accounts. Otherwise if the account is visible on both servers simultaneously, MyClient will treat it as two separate accounts that happen to share duplicate usernames, and the account's history and information will become split across two records.

If you find an account incorrectly split across two records, you may use the Merge feature on the right-hand side of a Customer Detail page to merge the partial records together. At the time of writing, the Merge feature is disabled by default for all MyClient customers; please contact Ltd to enable this feature for your installation.

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