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Brandsets and Multiple URLs


Brandsets are additional skins for your MyClient portal. You can re-brand your MyClient installation using a reseller's logo and colors, with separate text templates, layout, and image branding. Your MyClient installation already has one brandset (the current theme).

Each brandset must be applied to an additional URL.


MyClient allows you to add multiple brandsets to your installation. There is a small charge for this - please see the pricing page for details.

Brandsets change

  • the interface template,
  • any banner and interface images,
  • all text templates under the 'Web Interface' section of the Manage Branding page,
  • the system language,
  • your replacement brand names for AhsayOBM, AhsayACB, and Ahsay,
  • your portal's own brand name

With a compelling use case, we are happy to update MyClient to allow configuring any other setting on a per-brandset-skin basis.

Once you have configured an additional brandset, you must configure the URL as a "preferred URL" for the reseller, so that any changes to images, language, and portal URL wll be reflected in email reports. See the "Setting URLs used for email reports" section below for more information.

Multiple URLs

Each brandset must be applied to an additional URL. It's necessary to give each branding a separate URL, so that the brandset skin can be applied on the login page, download page, customer portal and on any other pages before the reseller has logged in. Using multiple URLs also helps enhance the branded experience. can supply additional * addresses freely for any brandset; or you may wish to use your own domain.

Setting URLs used for email reports

If you have purchased an additional URL for your installation, MyClient must choose which URL to use for email reports.

MyClient allows you to choose which URL will be used for email reports at the global level, for systemwide alerts; and also at the permission-group level, for applying reseller-specific branding.

  • For system alerts, via the System Settings page > System Behaviour > System Users tab > "Default system URL for all background notifications" option
  • For email alerts, via the System Settings page > Permission Groups > {select a group} > Branding tab > "Preferred URL for reseller" option

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