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Nesting Customers

Overview Ltd support staff are often asked whether it's possible to "group" customers together - in particular, licensees coming from competing backup software solutions such as Vembu StoreGrid. Fundamentally, AhsayOBS accounts are separate entities, and we do not want to distort this truth within MyClient. However, there are several ways to achieve this within MyClient.

Internally, MyClient arranges data into the following structure:

  • MyClient Reseller
    • MyClient Customer
      • OBM/ACB Backup Account
        • Backupset

Normally MyClient Customers are 1:1 with OBM/ACB Backup Accounts, but this became flexible in order to allow non-backup accounts for billing purposes. Consequently, it's possible to merge multiple OBM/ACB backup accounts into one MyClient Customer.

Looking at this structure, there are three ways you can "merge" accounts in MyClient.

One AhsayOBS account can be used on multiple computers, so it is possible to use Backupsets instead. This also has the advantage of saving on Ahsay licensing costs. It is possible to move backupsets between existing Ahsay accounts, by modifying files in the User Home directory.

Quota: The Quota feature works correctly across the entire customer.

Customer Access: Customer access is provided by the MyClient Customer portal.

Email Reports: Email reports are provided by MyClient's default mailer system.

This option does have the potential disadvantage that within one customer's account, multiple computers can have limited visibility over each other. One computer would be able to delete backupsets belonging to another computer, and make certain changes to backupset settings. If each backupset is configured to use a different Encryption Key, it would not be possible for one computer to restore data from another computer.

Option 2. Reseller Method

You can "merge" Ahsay accounts by placing them under one reseller. You can reassign MyClient customers to resellers either individually or in bulk.

Quota: Each AhsayOBS account retains their individual quota limits. You can use MyClient's Soft Quota feature » or AhsayOBS Group Policy in order to create a separate quota limit that applies across all customers.

Customer Access: You can create operators for restricted login into the main MyClient interface, and allow managing and modifying backup account settings.

Email Reports: Email reports are provided by MyClient's reseller mailer system (including Event Log, Watchlist, and All Customer emails).

Option 3. Merge/Split Method

You can merge multiple OBM/ACB accounts into one MyClient customer by using the 'merge/split' link on the right-hand side of a Customer Detail page. This feature allows you to arbitrarily move services between MyClient CRM records.

We have found that some licensees are confused by this feature and so we have not enabled it by default for all MyClient installations. Please let us know if you want this feature to be enabled for your installation.

Quota: Quota is not automatically conjoined. Each AhsayOBS account retains their individual quota limits. You can use AhsayOBS Group Policy to create a separate quota limit, or you can use an Event Handler to alert you when quota crosses a threshold.

Customer Access: The MyClient Customer Portal allows the customer to log in with their existing OBM/ACB credentials, and quickly switch between multiple accounts that have been merged in this way

Email Reports: Email reports are not automatically conjoined, although such a report can be provided by a custom Event Handler ».

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