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New Account Plans


MyClient allows your staff and resellers to create new OBM and ACB backup accounts, including customer contact detail, billing rates, and custom plans. A wide range of customisation and branding options are available to ensure that the plans in MyClient reflect exactly what services you offer.

Account plans and plan groups can be managed from the New Account Plans page (available from the Management menu > System Settings link). By default, an "OBM" and an "ACB" plan are available with unrestrictive settings.

Creating a new account plan

Each new account plan you create has a 'base product' of either OBM or ACB. For OBM and ACB accounts, you may configure which server, quota, bandwidth and module options are available, whether or not these options are configurable at all, and whether or not these options are even visible.

Appearance tab

You may choose which customer data is requested during new account creation. MyClient Enterprise customers have the ability to create and modify custom fields, and require them during new account creation.

New account plans appear as simple buttons on the Add Customers page. However, you may wish to upload an image banner to use instead of the button.

Backup Server tab

You may use the Automatic options to automatically place the new account on the server with lowest resource usage. Automatic options are available covering lowest total number of users, lowest total compressed storage, and lowest total allocated quota.

You may set an AhsayOBS 6 User Group to add the new account to, and set a custom User Home for accounts on this plan. These settings are optional; if none are configured, then the settings from the Manage Servers page will be applied. These settings are also optional; if none are configured, then the default settings from the AhsayOBS server will be applied.

You may restrict which backup servers your new account plan can be created on. Note that with MyClient Small Business or greater, you may also restrict which backup servers a reseller has access to. If there are no possible servers after applying both these restrictions, then a conflict resolution process will attempt to choose an appropriate server.

Plan Groups

To choose which resellers can use which plans, you must assign plans into Plan Groups. Then, you can assign a reseller to a Plan Group. The reseller will be able to create new accounts using any of the new account plans within their plan group.

Assigning resellers to Plan Groups

You can assign a single reseller into a Plan Group from the Manage System Users page > Open a reseller's dialog pane > "Plan Group" setting.

You can make bulk changes to reseller Plan Group settings from the Manage System Users page. Use the browse or search features to find all resellers you wish to update; then click the rows to highlight them, or use the 'select all' link from the top bar; then click the 'edit' link and use the "Plan Group" setting to make changes to all selected resellers at once.

Single plan available

If a reseller tries to create a new account and only one plan is available in their Plan Group, then the plan selection screen will be bypassed, going directly to creating the new account plan. You may configure this behaviour on the Manage System Behaviour page > Interface tab > "Show plan selection page for new customers if only a single plan is available" option.

Further reading

Embed signup form for direct signup

MyClient Enterprise can allow customers to sign up directly. Enterprise licensees may embed the signup form directly into their own website, or provide HTML code for a reseller to embed into their own website. For more information, please see the "Form: External Customer Signup Form" section of the External forms and API » page.

Price plans

MyClient Enterprise allows configuring price formulas and applying them to new account plans, so that new accounts are automatically configured with correct pricing.