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Often in the course of troubleshooting an issue, you'll learn some valuable information about a customer's configuration or about an issue. It's simply a good idea to leave a note for future reference.

MyClient allows you to leave a note against a customer record, against an individual Ahsay backupset, or against an AhsayOBS server. MyClient also loads your pre-existing notes from AhsayOBS. For customers with support for StorageCraft ShadowProtect or other products, there may be other places in which notes can be added.

Adding a note

You can add a new note by clicking the 'Add note' link, either

  • on the lower right-hand side of a Customer Detail page, or
  • on the Action bar underneath a backupset display, on either the Customer Detail, Event Log, Watchlist, or other pages

Clicking the 'Add note' link opens a text area in which you can enter your note. The text area expands as needed.

To save your note, simply click outside the text area. The note will be immediately saved, along with the current time and the name of your MyClient operator account, for future reference.

Note operations

Editing a note

You can edit a note by double-clicking on it. Once again, you can save your modifications by clicking outside the note. If you have made any modifications to the note content, then your MyClient operator account will become the note's author and the note's date will be updated.

Hiding a note

If a note gets too old, or is no longer relevant, you may wish to hide it by clicking the 'hide' link. When the page is loaded again, you'll see a link saying "X hidden note(s)" which can be used to display the hidden notes.

Deleting a note

You can delete a hidden note entirely, by clicking the "delete" link.


MyClient Enterprise customers can import notes in bulk via the View Accounts page.

Creating notes automatically

When using the 'run backup' option to remotely initiate a new backupjob, you can choose to log a note at the same time to record the event.

MyClient Enterprise customers can create notes automatically in response to any system event, via the Event Handlers page. MyClient Enterprise customers can also enable an option to make notes of every change to a customer's billing configuration.


If you have a MyClient Small Business or Enterprise customer, then notes may be shared with other staff members or (optionally) other resellers. Please consider the sensitivity of the notes you leave.

If a reseller has the necessary access to view a specific customer or a specific backupset, they may or may not have access to view and manipulate notes on or about that customer. You can choose whether a reseller has permission to access and manipulate (A) customer notes or (B) backupset notes, as part of their Reseller Permission Group. You can change this setting for a reseller from the System Settings page > Permission Groups > {select group} > MyClient interface tab > "Allow resellers to view, add, and edit customer/backupset notes" option.