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obsintercept: Password forensics frontend


obsintercept is a forensic tool for recovering AhsayOBS customer passwords.

obsintercept is implemented as a transparent reverse proxy. By hosting an obsintercept server, and switching DNS so that your OBM and ACB clients connect to it, the obsintercept server will display password information before passing the communication through unchanged to the upstream AhsayOBS server. This transparent reverse proxying provides full compatibility and maximum password exfiltration. The architecture of the OBM / ACB client software means that a full report can be made within 10-15 minutes (DNS depending).

The software uses a high-performance, multithreaded HTTP router and proxy implementation. Tests have shown a minimal performance impact. The server can also be configured to use your existing SSL certificate for HTTPS.


Downloads are available for 64-bit Windows and Linux (any distro). Please contact Ltd for more information.

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