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Operator Passwords


If you have forgotten your MyClient operator password, there are different methods to access your MyClient account.

If you are using MyClient Small Business or Enterprise and have created multiple login operators, there are several ways you can safely communicate their initial credentials to your staff member or reseller.

Option 1. Normal login

Log in with your supplied email address and password.

When a new operator is created, a temporary password is generated and displayed in plain text. This password can be used for login. The first time an operator logs in, it is mandatory for them to change their password.

Option 2. Single use code

When the single-use code feature is used, a password is emailed to the operator, which can be used for login. If the operator is a new operator, the above rule for first-time operator logins will take effect, causing a mandatory password update.

Option 3. Reset Password

The "request a new password" and "reset password" links on the Login page begins MyClient's standard reset-password workflow. In this process, a temporary code is emailed to the operator. If this code is entered on the "reset password" page, the operator's password is cleared, and they are prompted for a permanent replacement password.

For a new operator's first login, the single-use-code workflow appears equivalent to the reset-password workflow. However the behaviour is different if you are not a new operator (e.g. if you have really forgotten your password, the single-use-code system would let you log in, but does not allow you to change your password).

If you are using MyClient Small Business or Enterprise and have created multiple login operators, another administrator can reset your password back to a temporary password via the Manage System Users page. This temporary password must be changed on next login, as per "Option 1 Normal login" above.

Password policies

MyClient supports password policies, including length restrictions, character restrictions, time limits, change frequency limits, and CAPTCHA. An administrator can configure password policies via the Management menu > System Settings > System Behaviour > "System Users" pane > "System User Password Policies" section.

Notes on email security

For more information about the Mail Queue, please see the Mail Queue documentation.