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SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates and MyClient

About SSL certificates

MyClient uses SSL certificates to protect your communications. An SSL certificate has private- and public- halves; the private half is used to generate web traffic that can be verified with the public half, and so on.

SSL certificates are usually "Domain Validated", by having a reputable company sign the public half of the key using a CSR. This means that it is impossible for someone to register an SSL certificate for a domain not under their control. So as well as encrypting the web traffic, the SSL process provides a guarantee that your web browser is really dealing with the correct company and not an imposter.

Using an existing SSL certificate

If you already own an SSL certificate that covers the intended domain - for instance, a wildcard certificate for your company web servers or AhsayOBS servers - then this would be suitable to use with MyClient. For information on extracting the certificate from AhsayOBS, please see this article ».

Registering a new SSL certificate for a domain

  • Generate a new key pair, by using the form below to produce a CSR.
    • Advanced users may generate the key pair and CSR themselves using the openssl program, or any other method. Please note that if you generate the key pair yourself, we require a copy of the matching private key.
  • Take the CSR to a Certificate Authority for signing.
    • We're fans of's Comodo PositiveSSL and GeoTrust RapidSSL certificates - but any SSL authority will be fine
  • If you are asked for a Common Name / CN= field, please use the domain name
  • If you are asked for an output format, the type is not important and we can convert between formats - but prefer Apache2/mod_ssl or X.509/PEM if available

Getting the SSL certificate into MyClient

To use a custom domain name with an SSL certificate, we require the following:

  • The name of the domain or subdomain you wish to use
  • A signed SSL certificate for the domain
  • The intermediate certificates supplied by the SSL CA, if any
  • Payment of setup fee
  • Create a CNAME DNS record for the domain

Please open a support ticket and attach the signed SSL certificate. We can then generate an invoice for the setup fee, and provide you with specific DNS details to complete the installation.

CSR Generator

Use the form below to generate a CSR for a domain, using 2048-bit RSA. MyClient retains a copy of the private key, which can be supplied to you on request.

Create CSR for domain: