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Sync and Refresh


MyClient synchronises information from your AhsayOBS servers, and works mostly with a local cache of your information. This allows us to significantly increase performance, as well as allowing you to use complex search structures and analysis functions.

However, it comes with a small downside. Any action initiated within MyClient is noticed immediately, but MyClient has to periodically check in to find changes that happen on the AhsayOBS server. In order to minimise the impact on your AhsayOBS server from these periodic checks, MyClient synchronises different information at different rates depending on how likely the information is to have changed. Things that change more often, like new and updated backupjobs, should be up-to-date within five to ten minutes. Things that change less often may take longer to appear within MyClient.

MyClient's sync rate has been tuned over years to give a very good balance between interactivity and minimising impact on your AhsayOBS servers. Our refresh rate should be suitable in almost all cases.

Force refresh / Instant Feedback

One customer

If you are troubleshooting a customer, and you need instant feedback, you can use the Refresh image button in the top-right-hand corner of a Customer Detail page.

Multiple customers

You can perform a full sync of all customers on an AhsayOBS server via the Management menu > Manage Servers > {click server row to highlight} > "resync" button on the top bar.