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MyClient Ticket System


MyClient has a built-in ticket system. The ticket system is flexible and can be used for any purpose, including

  • Internal task tracking between staff members
  • Communication and support for your resellers
  • Communication and support from a mid-level reseller to a suboridinate reseller
  • End-user customer support

Using a built-in ticket system has the advantage that it is simple to create tickets about technical issues at any time, and have the ticket linked back not only to the customer, but directly to the original issue, down to an individual backupjob.

The ticket system supports

  • Lodging tickets from a number of places throughout MyClient, without ever leaving the current activity
  • Attach tickets to a customer, backupset, backupjob, or other item
  • Assign tickets to individual staff members or entire reseller companies, for email notification
  • CC note to any email address
  • Set deadlines
  • Graphical ticket status report on homepage
  • Sending branded, customised email notifications
  • Daily email summary of open tickets
  • Advanced search and filter of tickets
  • Receive new tickets by email, preserving attachments and automatically filtering quoted text
  • Receive new tickets via the Customer Portal
  • Hide spam and off-topic ticket notes
  • Display Gravatar images in ticket conversations
  • Automatic ticket creation, processing, filtering, and closing based on arbitrary criteria (MyClient Enterprise)
  • Automatically add notes to tickets based on arbitrary criteria (MyClient Enterprise)
  • and more!

We appreciate that many customers already have a ticket system in place for their business. If you're committed to an existing system, we respect this decision and have an option to disable MyClient's built-in ticket system, to avoid any double-handling. You will miss out on contextual information, integration, and our automation features.