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The AhsayOBS server stores and transmits backup job information using its local time zone. For MyClient to correctly apply timezone offsets, it is important that MyClient knows the local time on the AhsayOBS server.

Unfortunately it is not feasible to automatically retrieve this information from an unmodified AhsayOBS server. You must ensure that the AhsayOBS server keeps the correct time, and that the server's timezone is correctly set in MyClient on the Manage Servers page.

Check 1: AhsayOBS server local time

Log in to the AhsayOBS server and ensure that it displays the correct local time.

Check 2: Match timezone

MyClient uses Olson tzdata timezones throughout the system. Your timezone options consist of several hundred geographic regions - a necessity to support differing historical Daylight Savings rules.

It does not matter that the timezone on the AhsayOBS server is correct or not - only that it matches the setting in MyClient.

Getting current Olson timezone on Windows

Windows does not use the Olson timezone system and instead maintains its own list of timezones.

  1. Find the current Windows timezone
    • Control Panel > "Date and Time"
    • Or run systeminfo | findstr /C:"Time Zone"
    • Or run tzutil /g (requires Windows 7 / Server 2008 R2 or newer)
  2. Look up the Windows timezone in

Getting current Olson timezone on Linux

Depending on your choice of Linux distribution, try running the follow commands to retrieve the current Olson timezone:

  • echo "$TZ"
  • cat /etc/timezone
  • grep ZONE /etc/sysconfig/clock

Check 3: Identify AhsayOBS using non-system timezone

AhsayOBS may be using a non-system timezone. If the above fails to resolve the issue, please check the file AhsayOBS/bin/startup.bat or AhsayOBS/bin/ for any mention of TZ or -Duser.timezone.