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Troubleshooting alert emails


MyClient sends alert emails on a number of failure conditions.

Ping Monitor alerts

The ping monitor is a basic connectivity check between MyClient and your AhsayOBS server. There are any number of reasons that might cause the monitor to fail - it might be because your server is under high load, or it could equally likely be a transient, temporary network issue.

If you are seeing a high number of alerts, there is an issue communicating with your backup server.

If you are seeing some low background level of alerts, there is probably no issue communicating with your backup server, but some requests are still timing out or failing. As the monitor is executed from the same server performing background sync tasks, this may or may not have an impact on MyClient's operation.

  • You can reduce the number of alerts by configuring MyClient to send the email only after two consecutive failures; this option is on the Manage System Behaviour page > Alerts tab
  • If you do not wish to receive these alerts, you can disable the Ping Monitor from the Manage Servers page
  • You can see a history of the ping monitor by using the "Latency Monitor" link from the Manage Servers page

API Monitor alerts, RDR Monitor alerts, API error notifications, and other alerts

If you recieve an alert from one of these systems, please read the error message and follow any instructions that may be included.