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Troubleshooting backup job statuses


There are a few cases that may cause the backup job status in MyClient to be displayed in an unexpected way. This article discusses some possible reasons for this.

Possible Causes

1. Ensure MyClient has maintained connectivity to your backup server

MyClient must be able to communicate with your AhsayOBS backup server in order to retrieve backup job information. Please check server connectivity using the 'Test Connections' link on the Manage Servers page.

2. Ensure MyClient's sync is up to date

MyClient synchronizes different types of data at varying frequencies, so some data may not be as fresh as others. If MyClient's sync is totally up to date, then any incomplete backup job should appear in MyClient in the thermometer bar. Use the Refresh image button on the top-right corner of the Customer Detail page to ensure that all data is completely synchronized.

When synchronized, all backup reports should be identical when viewed from either MyClient or AhsayOBS. If it appears diferently, please ensure you are comparing the exact same backupjob.

3. AhsayOBS can be inconsistent when reporting backupjobs

Certain circumstances in either the backup agent or the AhsayOBS server can cause a backup job to be registered without an associated report. These jobs are not visible on the AhsayOBS Manage User > Report page, but may be visible on the AhsayOBS Manage Log > Backup Job page, as well as from within MyClient. Generally, MyClient will be a more reliable resource for identifying backup errors.

4. MyClient "smooths over" one incomplete backup

MyClient delays reporting on exactly one incomplete backup job, in order for customers' backup reports to be correct at the time of sending (otherwise, if for instance a customer has a backup schedule around the same time as MyClient's backup reports, they would always get a meaningless 'incomplete' backup report). However, as soon as a customer has multiple incomplete backup jobs, or if the backupset has not run in a certain number of days, then issues will be detected and reported on as normal.

5. Ensure timezone settings are correct

MyClient depends heavily on all timezone settings being correct. MyClient displays backupjob times and reformats the time of missed backup notifications in line with the customer's own timezone relative to the backup server's timezone. If you are experiencing issues with missed backup notifications, please check that all timezone settings are correct.