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´╗┐Troubleshooting the Restore Applet


MyClient allows your staff, resellers, and customers to restore files directly from the MyClient web interface or the Customer Portal ┬╗. The Restore Applet is loaded directly from your AhsayOBS server.

The web restore applet can sometimes fail to load because of problems with Java, SSL certificates, codesign certificates, or web browsers. These issues can affect both MyClient and the AhsayOBS web console.

Web-browser issues

Missing or disabled Java plugin

The AhsayOBS restore applet requires the Java plugin to be installed and enabled in your web browser.

Recent versions of Firefox and other web browsers disable loading Java applets by default. You may need to pass a warning or click the restore-area again to allow the Java applet to load.

Grey square

If you see a grey square (with no error message popup otherwise), try restarting the web browser. This is a known issue with the AhsayOBS restore applet when certain web browsers have already hosted a Java process.

HTTPS certificate issues

"Your security settings have blocked an application signed with an expired or not-yet-valid certificate from running"

Java 7u45 and later default to blocking Java applets that are loaded from an HTTPS site with an invalid SSL certificate. Check on the Manage Servers page, ensure that your server is either (A) connecting via unencrypted HTTP, or (B) connecting to a backup server with a valid SSL certificate.

AhsayOBS dummy SSL certificate prior to has expired

All releases of AhsayOBS prior to 2013-06-10 included an SSL certificate that expired on the 2013-06-10. You can resolve this issue by upgrading to any AhsayOBS version released past this date, e.g.

Applet and Codesigning issues

Restore applet provided prior to uses an expired codesigning certificate

The restore applet in or older uses an expired codesigning certificate. You can resolve this issue by upgrading your AhsayOBS server to or later.

Restore applet provided prior to is incorrectly signed (Java 7u51 or later)

Java 7u51 and newer increased the default security settings for java applets that run in a web browser. As a result, the Web Restore applet bundled with AhsayOBS and older does not load on a modern version of Java. have documented workarounds for this issue in the article Workaround for OBS 6 / Java 7 Web Restore Applet error ┬╗.

"File size does not appear to be correct"

This is a known issue with AhsayOBS prior to To resolve this issue, upgrade your AhsayOBS server.

Java workarounds

It is possible to resolve some of the above issues by modifying the Java plugin's security settings, or rolling back to an older version of the Java plugin. This is not recommended under any circumstance:

  • It is not consistent to modify settings for one customer, and not feasible to modify Java settings for all customers.
  • Modifying security settings may impact other Java-based software present on the customer's computer.
  • The increased security defaults in recent versions of Java are present for valid and important reasons.
  • Older versions of the Java plugin contain many known issues and vulnerabilities.