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MyClient Resellers vs AhsayOBS Subadmins

About MyClient

MyClient is a comprehensive portal for you, your staff and your resellers to manage and support your online backup customers. It provides a wide range of features related to managing AhsayOBS servers, making it an essential part of any AhsayOBS-based business.

MyClient Resellers

MyClient's reseller system is separate to AhsayOBS's Subadmin system and predates it. MyClient's reseller system is more flexible than AhsayOBS Subadmins: a wide range of permissions, rules, customizations and branding can be applied in bulk or to individual MyClient resellers. MyClient also has a reseller hierarchy allowing for nested resellers.

The indirect attachment allows for more complex arrangements; for example, it's possible to

  • create MyClient resellers who can see all their customers for multiple Subadmins on multiple servers; or
  • create MyClient resellers that see only their customers within a shared AhsayOBS Subadmin; or
  • use reseller support on AhsayOBS 5.x server versions that do not support Subadmins.

Primary Office

Your own access to MyClient is as a "Primary" reseller office. Staff in a "Primary" reseller could have full control over administrating the MyClient portal.

AhsayOBS Subadmins in a MyClient world

Because the two systems are different, it may be inconvenient if you started using MyClient after already making significant use of the AhsayOBS SubAdmin system. MyClient has a number of features to ease this migration.

Subadmin Sync

A MyClient reseller can have a number of Subadmin Sync rules attached to it. The Subadmin Sync process runs in the background to automatically reassign AhsayOBS customers to MyClient Resellers, based on their AhsayOBS Subadmin.

This means that if a reseller creates a new customer outside of MyClient - e.g. by Trial Signup in the OBM/ACB client, or by direct access to the AhsayOBS web portal - then it will be reassigned to the correct MyClient reseller. Subadmin Sync rules also mean that new accounts created by the reseller inside MyClient are not only assigned to the correct MyClient reseller, but also assigned to the correct Subadmin.

New accounts detected on the backup server that do not match any Subadmin Sync rules are assigned to the MyClient reseller specified for the specific AhsayOBS server, in the Manage Servers page. For most installations, this would be the primary office, but there are situations where it may make sense to change it.

The Subadmin Sync feature works both ways - if a reseller creates a new account within MyClient, it will be assigned to the correct AhsayOBS SubAdmin on the backup server.

MyClient currently makes no attempt to move already-existing accounts between AhsayOBS Subadmins, however, there's no harm in you doing so yourself.

You can troubleshoot issues with your Subadmin Sync rules via the Management menu > System Maintenance > "Verify Subadmin Sync Rules" page.

Import Resellers

MyClient allows automatically creating new MyClient Resellers based on the subadmins on your AhsayOBS servers.

You can use the "Import Resellers" link to import Subadmins into MyClient resellers - this preserves all Subadmin data, including email addresses and passwords, so your resellers can log in to MyClient without changing their password. Using the "Import Resellers" link also creates Subadmin Sync rules for the created MyClient reseller.

You may run this task either on demand, or automatically in the background by enabling the "Automatically import MyClient operators from the backup server" option on the Manage System Behaviour page.


Once your resellers are comfortable with using the advanced MyClient interface instead of the AhsayOBS web portal, the sole remaining purpose of AhsayOBS Subadmins is therefore to allow OBM/ACB client connections on an alternative hostname.

Reassigning customers between MyClient resellers

You can change the reseller for a single customer from their information dialog:

  1. Open a customer's detail dialog
    • From a customer's detail page, click the "edit" link on the right-hand side; or,
    • From the View Customers page, select a row and then click "edit" on the top bar
  2. The Reseller option can be set on the "Overview" tab for most installations, or on the "Billing" tab for MyClient Enterprise

You can change the reseller for multiple customers in bulk, by using the View Customers page:

  1. Open the View Customers page
    • You may wish to enable the 'Reseller' column
  2. Select multiple customers to reassign and click "edit" on the top bar
  3. Use the "Set Reseller" option to change the account's reseller.

Using the View Customers page in this way means that you can more easily make changes in bulk, and take advantage of the "select all" and search features to more quickly find and reassign ranges of customers.