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MyClient Howto: Ahsay Frontline Monitoring
Published 2015-01-23
This video gives you a quick overview of how you could use MyClient for day to day monitoring.
MyClient StorageCraft Shadowprotect Monitoring
Published 2014-11-27
An overview of monitoring StorageCraft's Shadowprotect in MyClient Pricing: Technical Documentation:
MyClient Autoclients Setup for Ahsay
Published 2014-08-15
A quick overview of the simple process of using Autoclient to brand OBM clients
MyClient Webinar 05/06/2014
Published 2014-06-05
Recording from 05/06/2014. In this webinar we discuss: Reseller management, Monitoring, Automation as well as our new support plans.
MyClient Overview Webinar
Published 2014-04-11
This is an overview webinar covering the features and functions of MyClient. This is perfect if you are new to MyClient, curious about what we can do for your backup business or even an existing partner. Recorded April 2014
Editing Ahsay backupsets & understanding filters
Published 2014-01-30
A quick overview of the MyClient display for editing your backup sets and how to use the filtering function to remove unnecessary files from your backup
Managing Ahsay quotas & clearing retention
Published 2014-01-20
Learn how to manage a customers quota and apply a temporary increase and also how to manually clear retention
Ahsay Backupsets with no changes & Backupsets with no schedule
Published 2014-01-19
Learn how these functions in MyClient can allow you to monitor the health of your customers backups easily
Search Ahsay Backupsets & Search Backupjobs
Published 2014-01-19
In this video we demonstrate how to use the powerful search backupsets and backupjobs tool in MyClient
How to configure the Dashboard
Published 2014-01-16
In this video learn how to configure the dashboard to display whatever information you require to monitor at a glance
Tame Your Backup Business!
Published 2013-11-19
The MyClient Portal will literally revolutionize your Ahsay backup business. It is the ultimate portal for sales, support, resellers, communication, automation, billing, crm and server management. For more information, please visit
New Templates, Single-use logon codes, Monitoring Priorities, Multiple branding domains
Published 2012-10-09
Overview of the New "Muted" Template, Single-use logon codes, Monitoring Priorities, Bandwidth Schedules, multiple branding domains and a sneak preview of our new Event Framework. MyClient is the ultimate management portal for Ahsay backup servers - for more information see
Overview of the Customer Portal, System wide branding and more
Published 2012-09-09
Check out what we've been up to in the past month. You'll love the new features - particularly the preview of the new Customer Portal that can be embedded directly in your own website.
What's new in MyClient (August 2012)
Published 2012-08-05
Brief overview of Backupset / Backupjob searches, changing customer settings, modifying backupsets and restoring files with MyClient
How to change the appearance of MyClient
Published 2012-03-20
You can fully customize the look and feel of the MyClient system by uploading your own logo and altering the color scheme to suit the needs of your business.
Getting Started - how to begin setting up your new MyClient Installation.
Published 2012-03-15
This is an introductory video to show you how you can start setting up MyClient to connect to your OBS servers, synchronize your client lists and customize the branding of the system.
Creating a new Customer in MyClient
Published 2012-03-14
MyClient allows you to customize plan settings according to your exact requirements. This tutorial will demonstrate how to create and configure a new plan, and then add a customer based on this plan.
MyClient for Ahsay. Product Overview
Published 2012-03-13
MyClient is an advanced monitorng and customer management solution for Ahsay OBS servers. View our pre-launch video demonstrating the capabilities of the system. For a full demonstration of the system, please apply for our BETA program at
Sending Bulk Email using MyClient for Ahsay
Published 2012-03-13
MyClient is a powerful communication tool allowing you to email your customers in bulk. Select customers by server, reseller or other criteria. Emails can be customized with your logo and HTML footer. Visit to sign up for the BETA program.
MyClient Event Log and Watchlist
Published 2012-03-13
Event Log gives you powerful insight into your customer's backups on OBM and ACB. MyClient for Ahsay is a powerful tool for customer monitoring and management. Visit to sign up for the BETA.