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About Us

Where it all began Ltd is a New Zealand based software development company with a primary focus in monitoring and management solutions in the online-backup space.

In 2008 we began internal development of our portal to satisfy the need for seriously good monitoring and management for businesses using Ahsay. Between 2008 – 2012 we spent time working to understand what internal processes backup businesses used and ultimately they would want in a monitoring and management portal.

MyClient launches

In Q1 2012, MyClient emerged after closed beta to be available to the general public. Since then MyClient has grown to support several hundred backup businesses which we refer to as partners. We call them partners because our goal with MyClient is to simply not to just provide a portal but to work with our partners to improve and enhance MyClient as ultimately it's their direct feedback and direction that contributes to our development schedule.

Where we are now

From Israel to Brazil, MyClient is now being used in 24 different countries and has been translated (graciously by our partners) into 9 different languages. We've worked hard to provide useful additions to MyClient such as developing 'Autoclients' our solution for one click branding of Ahsay's client agent, support for Microsoft's LDAP (Active Directory), Bannersync for automatic adgroup management, Codesigning support for OSX10.8+ as well as a free community patch for the Java 7u51 update issue just to name a few.

In Q4 of 2014 after much discussion with our partners it became apparent that businesses often used a combination of different backup solutions so it became logical for MyClient to support these other solutions. The first one we launched support for was StorageCraft's ShadowProtect.

What's on the horizon for MyClient?

Development, development, development. Did we mention continued development? Oh and support for more backup solutions and further 3rd party integrations and other ideas we think you'll love.


Since 2012 we have been publishing a weekly changelog » of MyClient development which is open for you to read and see the evolution of MyClient.

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