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A Dashboard in MyClient is a custom interface that displays an overview of a selection of backupsets.

The default style is a "10-foot" design that is intended for use on a TV or projector display in a shared office area, allowing a quick visual display of this information.

The Dashboard feature is available to all MyClient Enterprise customers.

Creating a Dashboard

You can create and manage your Dashboards via the System Settings page > Dashboards button. Dashboards can be configured with the following options:

Figure 1. Configuring Dashboard options

Display backupsets

Dashboards are based on saved searches from the "Search Backupsets" page. A Dashboard can be based on one of the default saved searches (e.g. My Watchlist; Find Errors; or Backupsets With No Schedule) or it can be based on any custom saved search (e.g. all backupsets for a specific customer).

Interface layout

This option controls the design of the Dashboard. We recommend the standard option. Additional Dashboard templates may be made available in the future. For more information about the alternative Overview Pie-chart option available here, please see the Search Widgets documentation.

Refresh every

The dashboard will automatically refresh with the latest status information for these backupsets. We recommend the default 15 minutes, however, this can be increased or decreased as necessary.

Optional Widgets

The dashboard can contain a sidebar containing additional widgets. You can add or remove these additional widgets as necessary.

Viewing your Dashboard

Once the Dashboard is created, an Access Token is generated. This is a URL that allows direct access to view the dashboard without being logged in to MyClient. You can load this URL in a full-screen web browser on your display device.

Figure 2. Example dashboard