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Translating MyClient


If you are reading this page, you have been invited to help translate MyClient into your own language. We appreciate any assistance with this task! Translating MyClient helps you provide better service to your customers and resellers.

MyClient uses the industry-standard Gettext (.po) format for translations. We recommend the free software PoEdit for editing these files, although if necessary, a plain text editor could be used.

Translations are separated into two stages; the first translation into a new language should be for customer-facing messages only, such as the email reports, installation summaries, and the Customer Portal. Once this initial work is complete, we can proceed with translating the full portal interface for your staff and resellers.

We appreciate that different languages may use different word order, sentence structure, and that many short phrases (e.g. "yes", "this") might be ambiguous or even meaningless in other languages. Wherever possible, we have attempted to mark entire phrases for translation. However, there may still be some short phrases. Please do your best and mark any issues for review.

Translating MyClient into a new language

To translate MyClient into a new language:

  • Create a new translation file in PoEdit
  • Download the 'new language' file below
  • Choose "New catalogue from POT file" in PoEdit

Improving an existing translation

To improve an existing translation for MyClient, please download a file below and open it in PoEdit.

IMPORTANT: Before continuing translation of an existing file, you should update the translation file to include the latest parts of MyClient:

  • download the "new language" file below, and
  • choose "Update from POT file..." from the Catalogue menu in PoEdit.

Submitting your changes

We gratefully accept updated .po files via email.


Language Translated Phrases Last updated
Danish (Dansk) 32% 1198 2014-09-24
Dutch (Nederlands) 38% 1422 2014-09-24
English 100% 3795 2018-03-14
English (UK) 1% 14 2016-09-19
French (Français) 118% 4465 2018-06-06
German (Deutsch) 41% 1535 2016-04-07
Hebrew (עִבְרִית) 8% 275 2018-03-14
Italian (Italiano) 49% 1834 2014-12-05
Norwegian (Norsk) 8% 280 2013-12-13
Portuguese (Português) 50% 1861 2016-05-10
Spanish (Español) 80% 3031 2015-12-18
New language (customer facing only) 0% 534 2018-03-14
New language (full) 0% 3795 2018-03-14

This page will be updated semi-regularly with updated translations. If you require any further updates or any assistance with this process, please don't hesitate to contact us.